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Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month!

Every May, the U.S. celebrates Asian Americans' integral and rich contributions to U.S. history, culture, and society.

On Sunday, May 15, New York City hosted its first AAPI Parade, where thousands of participants and spectators along Sixth Avenue reveled in the display of AAPI diversity and pride.

Aside from this live event, several cultural institutions are honoring AAPI Heritage Month in various ways.

As increases in anti-Asian violence continue to traumatize AAPI communities, the Smithsonian's Asian Pacific American Center has curated a Care Package of "poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients for times like this."

The New York Public Library is hosting almost-daily events through the end of May to highlight AAPI authors, filmmakers, and artists.

NPR's local station WNYC spotlights several radio shows covering stories about AAPI people.

The U.S. government website for AAPI Heritage Month features several resources for learning more about and honoring AAPI heritage:

  • The National Archives' collection of primary sources provide insight into the experiences of AAPI people;

  • The American Archive of Public Broadcast hosts a collection of AAPI radio and television programs from 1965-2019

  • The National Museum of American History's "Girlhood (It's Complicated)" exhibition features the girlhood story of Virginia Lee Mead who navigated between the world of her Chinatown NYC community and that of Western culture in other parts of NYC.


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