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College Shower

Since 1999, Girls Inc. of NYC has honored girls who are transitioning from high school to college through our signature annual event, College Shower Awards Banquet.

At the Virtual College Shower Awards Event, 25 honorees will receive scholarships and luggage filled with everything needed for freshman year. All items will be shipped directly to the girls.


Through College Shower we show girls that their educational accomplishments are valued and we're proud of them!

Curriculum- (Semester long), taught by youth development professionals. Open to all girls on track to graduate in June of the current year.

Roundtable Event- (February 18, 2020) Reception open to all girls planning to attend college in Fall 2020. Workshops are 30 to 45-minute in length and co-hosted by volunteers from corporate partner such as Macquarie, Con Edison, Chanel, and Elevier. Topics include: Self Branding; CV Writing Workshop; Elevator Pitch; Managing Your Finance; Interview Skills. Also includes free headshots, goody bags, LinkedIn Lab (Training), and networking.

Application Review Virtual Event- (May 2020) Selection of award/scholarship winners by employees of our corporate partners and special guests.

Awards Banquet Virtual Event- (July 2020) Online celebration of 25 outstanding high school seniors heading to college. Each girl receives everything needed for freshman year 2020 - 2021.

Why She Loves College Shower

College Shower was such a blessing! My transition from high school to college wasn't as hard as I was expecting it to be thanks to Girls Inc. As a result, I was able to focus on my studies and schedule along with making friends instead of struggling to afford things for class and my dorm room. 


I absolutely love my white board calendar! I use it throughout the semester to plan assignments. I've even started using it to track school breaks. I can't live without my graphic calculator! (Yes, nerd alert here.) Majoring in math would be impossible without it. I can't express how grateful I am for everything I received at College Shower.

-Janellie, SUNY Potsdam, Math Major


The Mirken Foundation

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