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HSBC and Girls Inc. today announced a robust mentoring program that seeks to prepare young girls from New York City high schools for college, careers and bold futures. 


The pilot program extends a partnership between HSBC North America Inc. (HSBC) and Girls Inc. that since 2015 has provided critical educational support and mentoring opportunities to thousands of girls across the country, particularly those from low-income communities, and directly involved hundreds of HSBC employees. 


Over the course of the 2017-18 academic year, HSBC will collaborate with Girls Inc. of New York City  to offer a unique mentoring experience to ten high-school students: bi-monthly/weekly one-on-one sessions to discuss such topics as college applications, career options, resume building, interpersonal skills, and other subjects that may be on the minds of the young teens, as well as monthly group sessions that bring together mentors and mentees to discuss such topics as financial literacy, the life of a banker, negotiation skills, building a personal brand, and how these young women can become the next generation of leaders in STEM and financial services.

Girls Inc. and HSBC share a common commitment to do more to inspire and equip girls to be successful, and also share a belief in the importance of direct engagement and strong personal relationships,” I'm grateful that Girls Inc. is making it possible for our employee volunteers to mentor ten bright, ambitious, inspiring teenagers, and hope to have a positive impact on their lives.”  

-Pat Burke, President and Chief Executive Officer, HSBC USA.


HSBC has been a valuable collaborator throughout the development of this unique program. They’ve taken their commitment to education and preparing youth to a new level with this high-impact mentoring opportunity that will provide crucial support to girls facing tough odds but determined to succeed." 

- Dr. Pamela J. Maraldo, Chief Executive Officer at Girls Inc. of New York City.

10 HSBC bankers paired with 10 strong, smart, and bold teens! 

The HSBC mentors are volunteers who are members of BALANCE, a worldwide employee resource group that’s open to all HSBC employees, for the purpose of supporting the bank’s recruitment, development, enhancement and engagement of women, and the promotion of a gender-balanced workforce. 


The mentees were selected by Girls Inc. of New York City in an application process that was guided by staff recommendations and open to a small percentage of the eligible teenagers in area schools that take part in local Girls Inc. programs. Applications were evaluated based on general aptitude and expressed interest in financial service and business. 





Girls Inc. is grateful to continue our work with HSBC to further deepen our programming for young women in the areas of academic success, college readiness, and mentoring. Working with partners like HSBC, together we will help more girls gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take control of their futures, break the cycle of poverty, and become leaders and role models in their community.

- Judy Vredenburgh, President, and CEO, Girls Inc.


Closing Bell Ringer

Last month, our HSBC mentees joined their mentors, Pamela Maraldo ofGINYC, and invited guests for the May 31st closing bell ceremony at theNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 


Before the ceremony, everyone was treated to a spoken overview of the NYSE’s history.


To mark this special event, guests received a commemorative coin and a personalized name tag. The mentees also met the first female president of NYSE, Stacey Cunningham, who began her presidency just a few days earlier on May 22.