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Girls Inc. Healthy Sexuality

Girls Inc. Healthy Sexuality assists girls in understanding and embracing sexuality with a positive, empowered approach built on a foundation of accurate information, cultural sensitivity, and values of inclusiveness and respect.

Our New Approach 

Sexuality is a key aspect of our whole girl approach.  In order to be Strong, Smart, and Bold, it is critical that girls have the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of and to make informed, thoughtful decisions about their sexual health. With a rapidly changing society influencing girls’ lives, it was time to strengthen our sexuality education programming (formerly Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy) by incorporating new learnings, updating the information, and addressing the diverse world of the girls we support.  


Consultation with girls and young women, facilitators, and experts in the field of sexuality education were critical in the development of our approach.



  • Healthy Relationships: Includes qualities of a healthy relationship, communication skills, managing attraction, and sexual decision-making.


  • Sexuality: Includes aspects of human sexuality (distinctions between gender identity, biological sex, and sexual orientation) and; understanding and providing support for individuals who are transgender or gender non-conforming.


  • Sexual Health and Reproduction: Includes puberty, sexual behaviors and risks, reproductive health concerns, and sexual health care services.


  • Sex, Media, and Technology: Includes an analysis of media messages, critical thinking, social media, communicating online, and safety concerns related to meeting people online and in real life.

Corinne, Alumna

“Girls Inc. of New York City was a shoulder that I leaned on. The staff didn't judge me and genuinely cared…Thanks to their support and concern, I am confident that I’ll always have somewhere to go when I need help.”


We helped Corrine recover from the devastating rejection from a loved one and develop coping skills to manage the emotional challenges she faced on a daily basis. She is now a rising sophomore in college.

Tiffany Martinez

Program Director,

Central Park East High School


Come As You Are is the motto for Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation (H.E.R.O.), the after-school club that Tiffany and the Girls Inc. team leads.


With a mission to welcome students wanting to learn more about the LGBTQ community, H.E.R.O. provides a safe space where girls can ask questions, find acceptance, and learn what it means to support their peers who are coming out.

A passionate advocate for spaces rooted in solidarity, community, and unity, Tiffany firmly believes that LGBTQ programming in schools is imperative for the growth of all students. 

The Girls Inc. Experience

Haylin Belay, Program Specialist at Central Park East High School

First period math, second period chemistry, third period… sex ed? Forget the week-long crash course in condoms and pregnancy; at Central Park East High School, girls get a full year of comprehensive Human Sexuality education, powered by Girls Inc.’s award-winning curriculum.

During their two semesters, girls discuss topics including consent, healthy relationships, LGBTQ identities, and sexual health using the Girls Inc. method of experiential learning. Through interactive activities, art projects, discussion circles, and competitive games, students learn the facts and develop social-emotional skills they need to make decisions about their sexual health and well-being.

But the Girls Inc. experience doesn’t end when the class bell rings. Ms. Haylin, one of our #StrongSmartBold staff members, also provides support and mentorship outside of classroom hours. Whether it’s during an after-school club or a one-on-one session, our girls know that if they need a listening ear or a helping hand, the Girls Inc. room is always open.

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