Signature Programs



Girls learn about money and the economy, including how to manage, invest, and save money and how to help others through philanthropy. Through interactive projects and discussions with female finance executives, Financial Literacy explores:


  • How personal attitudes, opinions and knowledge of money are formed and influenced 

  • The nuts and bolts of finance, including saving, investing, loans, banking, taxes, and credit

  • Financial responsibility and self-reliance: how to earn, spend, save and share money

  • Assessing personal qualifications for participation in the marketplace

  • Donating money, goods, time and/or services to improve the community and the world

  • Advocating for economic equity

  • How the government makes economic decisions

Mental Health: Mind & Body

Girls are given a consistent set of messages and outcomes for addressing major health issues. The initiative also provides girls with a variety of tools and resources to guide them in addressing their health-related needs.                


About the Mind+Body Initiative:

  • Physical Activity: Every girl can find a type of physical activity that she not only enjoys, but that also accommodates her lifestyle, culture, and schedule.

  • Body Image: Girls of all shapes, sizes, weights, and capabilities have the right to feel good about their bodies and appreciate the bodies of others. 

  • Nutrition: It is possible for girls to identify a strategy for healthy eating that works for her body, circumstances, budget, home life, culture, activity level.

  • Stress Management: It is important for girls to understand that stress is a normal and acceptable part of life and that handling stress in a healthy way is a key factor in having a strong and healthy body and mind. 


Girls deserve a supportive environment for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they deserve to be involved in decisions about their health. 

G3 Data

Analytics: STEM

G3 Moody's Data Analytics Program, is a one to two year, project based, Data Analytics program focused on building girls’ skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology.


The program includes an intensive four-week summer program and year-round programming, culminating with a paid data analytics summer internship. The program is designed to increase the interest of girls ages 14-17 entering the exciting new field of data analytics.

G3 prepares girls to:

  • Experience and explore the new world of big data

  • Build skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology

  • Develop an interest in data science careers

  • Collaborate and work in teams

  • Prepare for a college education

  • Experience a corporate internship

  • Become strong, smart, and bold leaders in the new world of big data