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Highly trained professionals deliver research-based curricula in a supportive all-girls environment. Girls are equipped to achieve academically, lead healthy, physically active lives, manage money, navigate media messages, and discover an

interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.




Girls Inc. of NYC works in partnership with schools, community-based organizations, and individual girls and their families to deliver the Girls Inc. Experience. The Girls Inc. Experience consists of people, an environment, and programming that, together, empower girls to succeed. Trained staff and volunteers build lasting, mentoring relationships in girls-only spaces that are physically and emotionally safe and where girls find a sisterhood of support with shared drive, mutual respect, and high expectations. Hands-on, research-based programs provide girls with the skills and knowledge to set goals, overcome obstacles, and improve academic performance.




If you are interested in bringing the Girls Inc. experience to your school/organization or are a parent wanting to learn more about program opportunities, fill out this form!


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Economic Literacy

Girls learn about money and the economy, including how to manage, invest, and save money and how to help others through philanthropy.

Through interactive projects and discussions with female finance executives, Economic Literacy explores:

  • How personal attitudes, opinions and knowledge of money are formed and influenced 

  • The nuts and bolts of finance, including saving, investing, loans, banking, taxes, and credit

  • Financial responsibility and self-reliance: how to earn, spend, save and share money

  • Different types of careers and incomes

  • Assessing personal qualifications for participation in the marketplace

  • Knowing your rights in the workplace

  • Donating money, goods, time and/or services to improve the community and the world

  • Women in the economy, currently, historically, locally and globally

  • Advocating for economic equity

  • How the government makes economic decisions

  • Consumerism and advertising: how to be a smart shopper

  • What money can’t buy

Well-rounded and thorough, Economic Literacy imparts a world of knowledge the girls can use for a life of financial independence.

Economic Literacy
G3 Generation Giga Girls®

G3 Generation Giga Girls

The G3 and Pre-G3 Data Analytics Program, is a one year, project based, Data Analytics program focused on building girls’ skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology. The program includes an intensive four-week summer program and year-round programming. The program is designed to increase the interest of girls ages 12-17 entering the exciting new field of data analytics.

G3 prepares girls to:

  • Experience and explore the new world of big data

  • Build skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology

  • Develop an interest in data science careers

  • Collaborate and work in teams

  • Prepare for a college education

  • Experience a corporate internship

  • Become strong, smart, and bold leaders in the new world of big data

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Healthy sexualtiy
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Healthy Sexuality

The new Girls Inc. Healthy Sexuality program builds on and intensifies our existing pregnancy prevention programming by embracing a broader and more comprehensive approach that recognizes sexuality as a key element of the whole girl.

The program encompasses four focus areas: 


  • Healthy Relationships: Includes qualities of a healthy relationship, communication skills, managing attraction and sexual decision-making.

  • Sexuality: Includes aspects of human sexuality (distinctions between gender identity, biological sex, and sexual orientation); understanding and providing support for individuals who are transgender or gender non-conforming.

  • Sexual Health and Reproduction: Includes puberty, sexual behaviors and risks, reproductive health concerns, and sexual health care services.

  • Sex, Media, and Technology: Includes puberty, sexual behaviors and risks, reproductive health concerns, and sexual health care services.

Leadership and Community Action®  

Leadership and Community Action  

Girls build leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects.

In our program, girls:

  • Celebrate their heritage as leaders in local and global communities

  • Explore their own leadership abilities

  • Form partnerships with women leaders in their community

  • Conduct community action projects

  • Discover and learn to use leadership tools and skills

  • Develop and practice decision-making, taking the initiative and taking responsibility

With a weekend retreat, interactive activities, role play and other tools, girls learn that they are powerful agents of change and trustees of the common good.

From getting a traffic light at a dangerous corner to improving medical services, Leadership and Community Action is an exhilarating and empowering step on the path to making a wonderful and lasting mark on society.

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Project BOLD®
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Project BOLD

Girls learn skills and strategies to lead safer lives in their homes, in relationships, in their communities, and online.

From Project BOLD, girls learn that they are worthy of respect and freedom from harm. They learn skills and resources to safeguard their physical autonomy from street, domestic and school violence.

With sensitive, unbiased, carefully created activities and role play, Project BOLD explores:

  • Girls’ strengths and abilities

  • Responding to a threat with verbal skills

  • Learning basic physical self-defense skills

  • Distinguishing between an insulting or provocative situation and a truly dangerous one—and how to respond in each case

  • Self-defense options, including running, enlisting help, and telling others

  • Teasing and bullying

  • Sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape

  • Family violence

  • Dating abuse

  • Prejudice, racism and bias violence

A critical learning experience for all girls, Project BOLD is indispensable and unforgettable, and it helps girls stay safe, so they can focus on building rich lives.

Media Literacy®

Media Literacy

Girls increase their awareness of the scope and power of the media and the effects of media messages on girls and women.

With interactive, hands-on projects and discussions, preconceived notions of who and what girls are, based on ever-present media messages, are dissected and reevaluated.

Girls Inc. Media Literacy explores:

  • Types of media

  • The messages we get—subtle and obvious—from media

  • The impact of advertising on girls every day, in many ways

  • How to be “media smart”

  • Real beauty vs. media beauty

  • Finding diversity in media

  • “Talking back” to the media

  • Hard news and how it portrays women

  • Evaluating strong, smart and bold characteristics in real and fictional women

  • Recognizing and getting rid of stereotypes

  • Careers in news media—print, digital, radio, and TV

  • Careers in entertainment media: film, TV, magazines, Broadway, etc. 

The always exciting Media Literacy program culminates in DVDs and videos made by the girls themselves, based on their original storyboards.

Thanks to this unique program, girls discover the positive and negative aspects of media, as well as new views of themselves and their gender.

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Teen Leadership Circles


Teen Leadership Circles provide an intensive, gender-specific development program for high school girls. Through their participation in TLC, young women will, in turn, become Peer Leaders within their school community. As the leaders, they will educate and support their peers by creating safe spaces and facilitating workshops.


Program Highlights:​​

  • Become part of Girls Inc. National Network

  • Opportunities to other Girls Inc. events and resources, such as GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards, College Shower Scholarships, and a Girls Inc. mentor.

  • Weekly trainings lead by professionals from Girls Inc. of New York City, resulting in becoming certified.

  • Enjoy improved self-esteem, as the focus moves from personal appearance to personal strengths.

  • Become peer leaders and mentors to their classmates.


Upon completion of training, Peer Leaders will recruit and facilitate Leadership Circles for their peers. These circles will cover a variety of topics ranging from body image, healthy sexuality, media literacy, economic literacy, as well as other Girls Inc. curricula. 


Mind + Body Matters

Our Mind + Body Matters program promotes awareness about the impact emotional trauma can have on the physical—as well as mental—well-being of girls, families, and communities. This program is a toolkit for delivering mental health programming to girls ages 10 - 18. Facilitators teach a culturally responsive and evidence-based curriculum that focuses on the Wellness of both the Mind and the Body, and teaches the building blocks of trauma-informed coping strategies such as:

- Mindfulness 

- Movement

- Creativity 

- Connection 

This program also breaks down stigma and misconceptions about mental health to create a safe environment for students to share and process their emotions and seek help if mental health challenges arise. Girls deserve a supportive environment for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they deserve to be involved in decisions about their health. 

College Shower Program

College Shower Program

The college shower program provides college and career readiness curriculum over 10-12 weeks for GINYC girls in select high schools.


Program Highlights:​​

  • Workshops focusing on time management, understanding roommates and building relationships with professors

  • Job etiquette training, interview practice, resume writing and internship opportunities

  • Chance to be a part of our annual College Shower awards ceremony and scholarship program


To learn more about our College Shower Awards, held during our spring gala, click here.

Elsevier Pre-G3 Program

Pre-G3 Program


Our Pre-G3 Data Analytics Program is a one year, project- based data analytics program focused on building girls’ skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology. The program includes an intensive four-week summer program and year-round programming. The program is designed to increase the interest of girls grades 7-9 entering the exciting new field of data analytics.


Pre-G3 prepares girls to 

  • Build skills in mathematics, critical thinking and technology

  • Work in collaborative teams

  • Become data savvy in a data driven world

  • Meet experts leaders in the field of STEM

  • Prepare for interesting careers in data science

  • Understand the importance of data and its effect on our daily lives.


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Project REACH

Project REACH (Real Educational Advancement in College Happens) is Girls Inc.'s college success initiative dedicated to supporting inspired, strong, smart, and bold girls through college graduation and job placement. Using a case-management model infused with psychoeducation, Project REACH will work towards ensuring that 100% of their girls graduate from college with a job or post-secondary plan within 6 months.


Program Highlights:​​

  • Engage in data-driven college success case management

  • Receive professional college, financial aid, and career advising

  • Participate in monthly psychoeducation workshops in the areas of Financial Literacy + Comprehension, Habits of Professionalism, Physical Health/Wellness, Navigating Family Dynamics, and Self-Awareness + Relationships

  • Enjoy 1:1 support through challenging college transitions

Project Reach
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