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Speed Networking

Last Thursday at our office, we welcomed colleagues from several corporate partners to share their career experiences and meet our talented students through six-minute rounds of one-question interviews. Students and mentors introduced themselves, and then answered questions about college to career pathways, students' aspirations, workplace challenges, and skills development. For many of our students, this was the first time they had practiced the art of networking with prospective employers and colleagues. And colleagues reported feeling energized by students' insightful questions and ambitious plans for college and beyond.

Thank you to the colleagues from the following partners for joining us!

  • AlphaSights

  • Armadillo

  • Chase

  • Con Edison

  • Macy's

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Rakuten / ShopStyle Collective

Visit Our Supporters page to learn more about how you can get your company or organizations involved in events like this!


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