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We dissent: The repercussions of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision

It is a very sad day in this country. It's hard to imagine that women will be able to call themselves equal if they don’t have control over something as basic as their own bodies.

Today, the Supreme Court stripped that right from millions of Americans, with Justice Thomas signaling that we stand to lose even more hard-won, inherent rights we’ve taken for granted.

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is not only a severe blow to women’s rights, but an assault on our human rights as well.

At Girls Inc. of New York City, we will do all in our power to restore reproductive freedoms. Reproductive freedom is essential for young women to take charge of their health, education, career, and overall economic security.

We cannot let this stand.

Women of means have always been able to have an abortion, and they will continue to be able to. This disastrous SCOTUS decision will affect already marginalized groups, including young women of color, families living in poverty, and those who face the challenges of abuse and mistreatment due to gender, racial, or ethnic identity.

This decision could also result in countless, unnecessary tragedies of individuals denied medically necessary abortions or injured by clandestine, unsafe abortions.

Fortunately, in New York State, the right to safe abortion remains secure, as outlined in the 2019 Reproductive Health Act and a package of bills signed into law by Governor Hochul on June 13.

We have a sacred obligation—as an organization, a community, a nation—to guarantee women’s and girls’ fundamental rights.

Girls Inc. of New York City sees this moment as a clarion call to use our voices and our commitment to our mission to do whatever we can to see that this decision is reversed. The future belongs to us, and that future includes reproductive freedom.

Join us! Email to learn more about how to get involved!


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